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JA High School Heroes program reaches record high participation in Jupiter, Fla.


A first grade student is seen smiling the day of JA High School Heroes at Jupiter Elementary School.

Image caption: A first grade student is seen smiling the day of JA High School Heroes at Jupiter Elementary School.

The JA High School Heroes Program in Jupiter, Fla., has achieved a remarkable milestone by recruiting and training an impressive cohort of 80 enthusiastic Jupiter Community High School students, all of whom are members of the organization, Latinos in Action.

This surge in participation is a testament to the program's appeal and its positive impact on young students.

"Seeing the impact of the High School Hero program in action among our schools is a true testament of students coming together to learn about life skills they will need for the future," said Ashley Schroth, Junior Achievement of the Palm Beaches & Treasure Coast's Elementary Programs Manager. "The growth of the program shines through the smiles of so many of our students and I truly believe in the benefits this program provides for our next generation of learners."

Empowering Young Leaders

The JA High School Heroes Program is designed to provide leadership development opportunities to high school students, with a specific focus on delivering JA programs to elementary school students. By participating in this initiative, high school students gain valuable experiences and skills that empower them to become effective leaders in their communities.


Image caption: JAPBTC's Lauren Henderson is pictured helping high schoolers during an in-class program.

Key Learning Outcomes

Following their participation in the JA High School Heroes Program, students can expect to achieve a range of important learning outcomes. These include:

  1. Leadership Awareness: Students develop the ability to identify the qualities of a leader and recognize the vital role of civic leadership within a community.

  2. Effective Communication: The program equips students with strong presentation skills, enabling them to communicate their ideas and knowledge effectively.

  3. Teamwork and Goal Achievement: Students recognize and utilize techniques that promote teamwork and facilitate the achievement of group goals, fostering a collaborative spirit.

  4. Problem Solving: The program imparts problem-solving techniques that students can apply to address personal and professional challenges effectively.

  5. Critical Thinking: High school students develop critical-thinking skills that they can employ to tackle work-based issues with confidence and efficiency.

  6. Understanding Consequences: Participants learn to understand the consequences of their decisions, a critical aspect of leadership and life in general.

  7. Value of Feedback: The program instills in students the importance of constructive feedback and a growth mindset, promoting continuous improvement.

  8. Personal Action Planning: The culmination of the program involves students developing a personal action plan, which serves as a roadmap for their continued growth and leadership journey.

"JA High School Heroes program is a win-win," said Claudia Kirk Barto, President of JAPBTC. "It's a fantastic opportunity for high school students to sharpen their leadership skills, while elementary students benefit from engaging, hands-on lessons and activities."

The Future of Leadership

The outstanding success of the JA High School Heroes Program in Jupiter, Florida, illustrates the immense potential and promise of young leaders in our communities. By providing these students with opportunities to develop their leadership skills and contribute positively to the education of younger peers, we are nurturing a generation of capable and community-minded leaders.

As this program continues to thrive, it underscores the enduring impact of initiatives that empower young individuals with the skills, knowledge, and leadership capabilities required to lead and serve in their communities. The future indeed looks bright for these aspiring leaders as they take their experiences and lessons into the wider world.

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